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All big brands sell Red polishes. Whilst there are high end polished on the industry, there are many of budget polishes out there too that are likely to be smoother suited for those that only dabble in Red now and again. If you’ve been eager to try out some designs using Red nail polish, here are some the things you need to know.

Red Nails Trend

Most Red Nails were once reserved for rock chicks, but many pop stars such as Selena Gomez and Beyoncé have bucked the trend giving it more of a mainstream appeal. Recently celebs have been finding ways of incorporating Red nail polish to match even the classiest of outfits.
There’s also been a rising number of women using Red for accents and tips. When used with another colour, it can reduce the gothic vibe and instead serve as a pretty detail. Red can also serve as a base layer for many colourful designs as Red Almond Nails.

Pros and cons of Red Nails

Red is great for giving any outfit an edge. If you’re wearing something floral to an event but are worried it could come across to dainty or old-fashioned, Red nail polish may be enough to give it a sense of cool.
Red can go with any colour. Whether you’re trying to match clothing or have another nail colour that you’d like to contrast, Red is certain to do the job. It can also help to accentuate a Red feature on some clothing, whether it be a stripe or simply threading.
The biggest issue with Red is that it’s high maintenance. As soon as it chips, people will notice, unlike lighter colours. You’ve also got a higher chance of Red staining your nails unlike other tones. It’s always best putting on a base coat first - this will make the polish easier to remove.
If you’re wearing Red nail polish to work, your employer may also tell you to remove it if you work in a conservative role. In careers where you’re dealing with people in person, employers may view it as having funereal properties that make you less approachable, whilst other colours may be more accepted. This is always worth considering before applying Red nail polish.

What kinds of Red Nails?

There are all kinds of ways to use Red nail polish – it needn’t just be a case of going all-Red. Here are a few styles that use Red lacquer that could be worth trying out next time you reach for you bottles of varnish and brushes.

Red tips nails

One of the simplest designs is to paint the tips Red. This could be done as a more edgy take on the French Manicure, using a light pink or clear gloss as a base but colouring the tip Red instead of the standard white colour. Alternatively, you could use a bright and bold colour as a base such as blue, green, yellow or red and colour the tips Red.

Red Shaded nails

Some of you may be familiar already with the shaded effect. The most common method is to have one colour near the tip and one near the base of the nail and in the middle they both fade into one another. Red can be faded into any colour. It can look particularly mysterious with greys and silvers.

Red accents

These could be a line or dot over a brightly coloured base. You can get creative and switch these up from finger to finger. For more complex geometric shapes, there are nail wraps that you can use to eliminate the fiddly work. Chevrons can also make a nice feature – when pointed towards the tips, chevrons may even create the illusion that you’re nails are longer than they actually are.

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