Red Almond Nails

Red Dash booked an appointment at Vanity Projects - a nail salon in New York - and decided to go for the red almond shape rather than coffin because her fingers aren’t as long as the Kardashian’s. Red Dash said that it was worth it. Almond nails made her feel like a lady, and her manicure didn’t feel tacky at all.
Red Almond Nails - Finally, in August 2017, US Magazine reported on Halle Berry’s recent foray into nail art. The incredible 50-year-old actress was recently spotted on Instagram posting photos of her latest and greatest almond nail designs. What was so unusual about the design was just how many elements it incorporated.

Not only did her nails have a whole rainbow of colors which shone differently, depending on the light (almost resembling an oil spill), but there were additional geometric features painted on top. Ms Mee's Red Almond Nails. The primary colors were gold, burnt sienna, and green, with distinctive black stripes crisscrossing the rest of the surface of the nail.
Not surprisingly, the social media reaction was enormous. Berry got more than 31 thousand likes in just a couple of days. US Magazine tracked down the manicurist behind the design, Hollywood-based Nettie Davis. She said that the inspiration for Berry’s manicure nail art had come from a celebration of life. Natural, Red almond-shaped nails, combined with nude negative spaces on the nail itself provided the perfect look, in her opinion, to complement life. 2017